5029 Agua Fria St Santa Fe NM 87507
505-474-5354 Summer Hours Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat 10:00am - 4:00pm | Sun Sales By Appointment Only

RV Sales, Service and Repair in Santa Fe NM | Tear Drop Campers and camping trailers for sale at Santa Fe RV

5029 Agua Fria St Santa Fe NM 87507
505-474-5354 Summer Hours Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat 10:00am - 4:00pm | Sun Sales By Appointment Only

About Us

Santa Fe RV, LLC, was conceived by Wayne Martin and Jim Hilderbrandt with the desire to grow and expand the RV industry for Northern New Mexico. When you purchase your new RV, you can be rest assured you will only receive the best in customer service, and the extra attention to ensure you are properly educated on how to use your new dream trailer.

Service & Parts Manager

Jim Hilderbrandt

phone: 505.474.5354


Wayne Martin

9/2/1947 - 7/2/2017

Sales/General Manager

Dan Armstrong

phone: 505.474.5354


Jim Hilderbrandt is a born technician and has been fixing things since he was 10 years old. In short, there isn't a problem Jim Hildebrandt can't fix. Now, Northern New Mexico is lucky enough to find him at Santa Fe RV. As former Senior Service Manager at Travel Town Santa Fe, Jim lead the way as one of the state's top RV technicians. He now brings his talent and lifetime expertise as owner and Service Manager of Santa Fe RV. With 30+ years as both owner and operator of West Coast Printing Equipment, he has always maintained only the highest standards and a continual drive toward excellence. At Santa Fe RV, you will find the absolute best in RV technical service guided by Jim's own personal touch.

When it comes to sales, there's no one better than Wayne Martin. As the former general manager at Travel Town Santa Fe, Wayne spent the past 25 years priding himself on taking care of Northern New Mexico. Now, he brings that prized expertise to lead the way as owner and Lead Salesman of Santa Fe RV. As a consummate professional, Wayne's number one priority is putting his customer's needs first. His detailed background, steadfast dedication and thorough knowledge of the RV industry helps you find your perfect fit, dream RV. His welcoming personality puts you right at ease letting you know you're in hands you can trust.

As Partner and General Manager of Santa Fe RV, Dan brings a lifetime background in management relating to construction, small service business, oil and gas and automotive related endeavors. His focus is to continually improve customer satisfaction. He is a hands-on manager and assists in sales and service when needed. If you're looking for that special person to help you make the right strategic decision in purchasing or selling your RV, Dan Armstrong is your man.